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 You need to be safe around bears. If you ever encountered a bear then here are a few opinions on how to stay safe from bears.



Miss. Pappas says: “If I encountered a bear in my yard I would slowly back away and slowly go back into my house leaving the bear alone.”





Allison a sixth grader says: “I would just be quiet and just walk away.”



Sasha a fifth grader says: “I would walk away very slowly into my house and tell my mom.”


Mathew a fifth grader says: “I would walk away and let the bear finish whatever it was doing.”


Lyndsey a third grader says: “I would get my mom and dad and tell my dad to scare it away.”


Jack a third grader says: “I would try to make myself bigger so the bear would go away.”



Mackenzie a third grader says:” I would stand still and back away very slowly.”



Mrs. Turner says:” I would slowly back up and go back in my house and lock the doors.”


Mrs. Archer says:” I would not know what to do because I live in the city where there are no bears.”


I hope these tips are helpful to you so you can stay safe around bears!



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