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Katy Perry

Jenny G. and Alyssa M. , Third Grade  

Do you listen to Katy Perry? We love her so much. She’s been on many tv shows, talk shows, and she was on the Super Bowl. We used one of her songs, Roar, for our school video. She has been making kids' wishes come true at Make-A-Wish-Foundation. You can find more information about it at  What’s your favorite Katy perry song? My favorite songs are Firework and Part of Me.

Katy Perry has been writing some beautiful songs. She is a huge popstar. Sometimes I find myself singing in class. What I like about Katy Perry is that she writes about what happens to her and not fake stuff. Did you know that she is the voice of Smurfette in the Smurfs movie? Katy Perry is not the type of singer who does drugs on camera or in front of children. When my friend Alyssa grow ups, she wants to be like her.








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