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How to Be Healthy

James T. , Fourth Grade  

 I know your parents tell you, “Eat your vegetables,”  but have you ever thought  about making healthy choices that don’t have to be vegetables?

The top three are: drugs, cigars and cigarettes, and alcohol.

In this article, we will be talking about the number 1: drugs.

Illegal drugs are bad drugs. If you take them, you will become addicted. If you are addicted, you can DIE.

If anyone asks you to buy or try a drug say "NO!"

If a friend ever wants you to try a drug, THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND. Even if they have been your friend since Kindergarten and you have them for your whole life, they are NOT your friend if they ask you to do drugs.  

Here is some wise advice: NEVER take drugs. If anyone wants to give you drugs or sell drugs to you, say “NO” and walk away.

Don’t worry, though. There will always be that one wise person that says “This is a do or die situation. I can’t stop you, but you can stop yourself.”

Drugs are a bad choice. PLEASE do not make it.




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