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Mr. Deo

Natalie C. , Third Grade  

In 2015, a new principal came into Upper Greenwood Lake School. His name is Mr. Deo. I think he is the best, in my opinion.

Mr. Deo is a great principal. He has things in order and he also has a lot of fun with us, just like Mr. Novak did. Mr. Deo has a little thing to say have a good day: "Have a great Deo." Mr. Deo also visits our classroom and asks "What are you doing?" because he is interested. He says that the UGL staff is awesome.

When I heard a new principal was coming to our school, I was so excited to meet him. Sometimes people come to his office with pictures from all different grades. I know third grade draws pictures for him. If you are a Mets fan, you are Mr. Deo's friend because he LOVES the team.

One time, Mr. Deo came to Mrs. Accardi’s room and read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs to the class. Mr. Deo is so FUN! I think he is going to have so much fun with us on Field Day. When the fourth grade is leaving for recess, he comes in and talks to them almost every day.

If I were to vote for the best principal, I would choose both Mr. Deo and Mr. Novak. I would choose both because they are both fun and they both come in once in awhile and get interested in what you're learning. Mr. Deo and Mr. Novak care about their office members and they thank them for doing hard work and helping.

I think Mr. Deo is the BEST!  



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