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Daniel M. , Fifth Grade  

 Today I am reviewing the old-ish Lego set of Lord of the Rings: The Black Gate.



So, it is obviously from the movie series Lord of the Rings. The set is 656 pieces exactly. That is a lot of pieces, WOW!!!


It comes with six characters. There is Gandalf, Aragorn (in his battle armor), two orcs, an eagle, and the Mouth of Sauron. There are some Lego secrets in the set, if you look on the back of the box. It shows you a lever that reveals a hiding spot in the tower. There is also a slide lock. You can lock the gate and open it. There is also a catapult that shoots Lego rocks.

It took me forty-five minutes to build it.

That's all I have for today. Join me next week when I review Lego: The Hobbit Goblin King Battle. Goodbye for now!



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