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U.G.L Pride


The West Milford Animal Shelter Food Drive

Eileen G. , Fourth Grade  

UGL is the best school because we do fundraisers all the time to help the world. We have been doing a Food Drive and we are donating pet food and pet supplies to the West Milford Animal Shelter. We are giving dog food, dog treats, cat food, cat treats and all the things that pets need. We help the West Milford Animal Shelter, so they can help pets get better.

The West Milford Animal Shelter helps the animals, so they don’t have to suffer. The animals are given a clean home and food. Volunteers go to the shelter every day to take care of the cats and dogs. They feed, pet, and play with the animals. They also clean the area where the animals stay. We're helping, so the animal shelter does not run out of food or supplies.

   If you would like to help the West Milford Animal Shelter or adopt a pet, you can find more information on their website:




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