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Star Wars: Movie Review

Luke M. , Sixth Grade  

    Today I will review and summarize Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens. First of all, I loved the movie. I thought it was great. The beginning was a little rough with the stormtroopers hurting defenseless people. I don’t think that was fair. After Lor San Tekka gave the map of LUKE SKYWALKER’S whereabouts, Poe gave it to BB-8 and told him to get as far from the village as possible. Then Poe said “I will Come back for you.” BB-8 wanted to go with Poe Dameron, when he went back to save Lor San Tekka as well as flick off some troopers in the meantime. I don’t think that the first battle was fair because some people had weapons and some didn’t.

The people who didn’t have weapons got captured first. But they got all of them in the long run. I don’t want to get into too much detail about what the stormtroopers did because the movie is PG-13. Anyway, Lor San Tekka passed because he was a big deal in the RESISTANCE. Meaning he was a huge target for the FIRST ORDER. If you have seen the original movies which were Star Wars: A New Hope made in 1977, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back made in 1980, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi made in 1983, then you would know the REPUBLIC and the EMPIRE. The First Order is the empire and the Resistance is the Republic. This is if you haven’t seen the movie yet.



Before this, in the Battle on Jakku, we were introduced to FN-2187. One of his buddies passed and he decided that it could’ve been him. He also didn’t like what they are doing to the villagers. Then in the starkiller base, Captain Phasma finds FN-2187 and asks for him to have his blaster inspected because he may have betrayed the First Order. He also has his helmet off and Phasma asks, ”Who gave you permission to take that off?” and then he says, “Sorry, Captain.” Then, she makes him report to her division. We are finally introduced to REY, a scavenger. She takes parts from old crashed ships and makes them better because it is sandy on Jakku, so they get sandy and rusty. She gives the parts to Unkar Plutt who gives rationed food and water to people who scavenge useful junk. He gives her one-quarter portion which is basically some green substance and a flavorless muffin. She licks her plate clean and then she puts on an old rebel helmet that is sandy and broken. She hears a noise coming from somewhere, so she runs towards the noise, grabbing her staff in case the situation goes wrong. She finds that it is Teedo trying to take BB-8 for parts. She took BB-8 home with her



Poe gets captured. Then on the FINALIZER ship, KYLO REN tries to read Poe’s mind to get where the map is. Poe tried his hardest, but he failed. Ren got the map out of him, then he tells GENERAL HUX that it’s in a droid, a BB unit. Hux then says if it is on Jakku, they will soon have it.  When Poe is still stuck in the room, FN-2187 says that Kylo Ren wants the prisoner. Then he acts like he will kill him if he makes any smart moves. He turns into an empty hallway and takes off his helmet and tells Poe that it is a rescue. He asks him if he can fly a T.I.E. fighter because FN-2187 wants to run and rebel against the First Order. They get stuck by a cable and while they are escaping, someone knows that Poe Dameron is on the fighter.  So they try shooting them down and FN-2187 shoots while Poe tries to unhook the cable. Then Poe finally figures it out. They get chased by cannon bolts from the starkiller base that home onto them. Out in space, they shoot some down the one of them hits. They crash on Jakku where they were headed even though Finn previously FN-2187 didn’t want to go because he knew they would find them. The reason FN-2187 is now called Finn is because when they Poe and FN-2187 introduce each other, Finn told Poe his code name. That was the only name he ever knew himself by, so Poe decides to call Finn by his first two letters FN.


   I give Star Wars 4.5 starts out of 5.  



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