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U.G.L Pride



Keira M. , Third Grade  


I woke up one morning and I heard my brother was getting a haircut.

So, I wanted to get a haircut, too.  My mom said, “Maybe.”  Then, my sister, Zoie, wanted to get a haircut, too.  But, my mom said she couldn’t.  

So, we got dressed and we thought of where we were going to go for our haircuts.  Then we got our coats on and got into the car.  It took about thirty minutes to get to Zayna’s Cuts for Kids in Ringwood.  This place was recommended by Mr. Novak.  

In the haircutting place, you get to sit down in a chair and play a video game while they cut your hair.  I was so excited to get my haircut.  

I wanted to get the “bob” haircut and I did.  After they were done cutting my hair, I looked in the mirror and I liked my haircut a lot.  Then, I saw my brother, Luke, getting his haircut.  He looked much better with his new short haircut.  

My hair was donated to charity.  They use the hair to make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness.  They must feel very sad without their hair and this charity helps them feel better.

Then, we went home and I brushed my hair.  

I felt happy that I donated my hair because I knew a kid would get my hair and be very happy.  

If you would like to donate your hair to Locks of Love, check out their website:




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