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Mr. Deo

Amanda and Keira . , 3rd grade students  


Did you know Mr.Deo is our new principal at UGL school?

He has been our principal since September 2015.  We are going to tell you all about Mr.Deo as a principal at UGL School.  Mr. Deo tries to come up with a lot of fundraisers.  All the students at UGL School love singing his name and saying “Have a great Deo!”  


We did Interviews and this is what some teachers and students said about Mr. Deo.

We asked, “What makes Mr.Deo a good principal?”


Miss Branagan said, “Mr. Deo is very helpful with staff and students.”  Mrs. Harris said, “All the students sing his name, Deo.” Thomas said, “He says ‘Have a great DEO’!”  Lindsey said, “He’s funny.”  Mrs. Utter said, “He’s making changes to better our school.”  Lastly, Mrs. TenHoeve said, “Mr.Deo is a good principal because he interacts with the students at UGL.”

We asked “How do you think Mr. Deo helps with teachers and students?”


Miss Branagan replied, “He’s always around when you need him.”  Mrs.Harris said, “He gives us fun activities to do like the Thankful Jar.”  Lindsey said, “He talks a lot with the students and teachers.” Thomas said, “He has meetings with teachers, so they can learn new things.”  Mrs. Utter said, “Mr.Deo comes around to the classrooms and lunches to make sure everything is running smoothly.”  Lastly, Mrs. TenHoeve said, “He is open to suggestions to make UGL run smoothly.”


If you are finding a school, go to UGL.  We have the best principal out of all the West Milford elementary schools.  Mr.Deo is a amazing principal at Upper Greenwood Lake School.



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