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Ellis Island

Natalie C. , 3rd grade  


Have you ever known  where the immigrants came after their long journey? They went to Ellis Island! I went there on a AWESOME field trip. Today I’m going to tell you some facts that I learned. At Ellis Island they had a doctor and the bad symbol was an Xl which means you have something wrong with your eye so they had to flip your eyelid inside out.( I thought it was disgusting). Also from 1892 until 1954 Ellis Island was the busiest immigration station in the United states. If I were an immigrant I would be so nervous and happy because you do not know if you have any diseases or  you are going to pass or not. I would be happy because there is a new life behind that gate. Also when the immigrants came from their countries the people arrive at Jersey City to enter the ferry or boat.Ellis Island is so close to the statue of liberty. When you go back on a field trip or you got sent back from Ellis Island. Ellis Island is a wonderful place to visit. The view is amazing and the boat ride is marvelous.



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