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Legos: Goblin King Battle

Daniel M. , 5th grade  


Today I am reviewing the Lego set the Goblin King Battle from the movie series The Hobbit. It is a Lego set of the goblin king's underground kingdom. The set comes with Dori the dwarf, Nori the dwarf, Ori the dwarf, Gandalf,  to Goblin soldiers, and the Goblin king. It is 841 pieces in all. On the back of the box there are secrets like:There is a lever in the side that brings down a cage to trap Nori. There is also a stick you pull to knock dori off a ladder. and there is a stick you push to unhook a bridge to make ori or anybody else to fall. Finally there is a hook to make a basket that the mini goblin goes in  to make him go up and down and side to side.

So that is all that I have for today. Join me next time when I review the Lego set Star Wars Rebels: The Phantom                                      



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