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Smile An Apple

Abigail V. , 3rd grade  

 If you just take a second to just think of healthy side and your junk food side. What do you see more of the junk food side or healthy side? If you see more of a junk food side it is time for you to go on a diet. If you ate junk food for a month eat nutritious healthy foods for a month with no junk food. If you ate all healthy and nutritious foods you can take a break because if you eat too much healthy food and have never eaten junk food that can not be good for you sometimes. So I think there should be a day every year that is for people who balance their food diet by having the same amount of junk food and healthy nutritious  food. Then it will show people that there is a good thing to look forward to if you balance your diet between healthy and unhealthy foods. Also when you eat too much junk food you can up hurting your body and cause something bad to happen in your body and you will not be able to escape it. But there is one way you can stop eating junk food and eat healthy food that is good for you and inside your body.



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