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Search and Rescue Animals

Abigail V. , 3rd grade  

 You can teach animals to help people in trouble and find people that are lost. Some people are really endangered in life they could use a lot of help. There is one catch to people saving other people. Also that catch is it can be too dangerous for people. But some animals in life can do those jobs and won’t have to much trouble saving those citizens. That could be a lifesaver to those people that are in life risking danger, (for example) People could get trapped in a house  that collapsed  down, and caught on fire, and was burning. A dog can probably get in there before that person runs out of oxygen. Also dogs and other animals are faster than people so in a situation if someone can run out of oxygen in a matter of  minutes a person can not go fast enough to get that someone. Also animals have a good sense of smell humans don’t have that much of a good one as animals do. This could do a good thing to the world because there are things that need to be done that only animals have the quality to do it. Animals can make a change to the world by showing that they aren’t just cute little pets that just sit around they are lifesavers to this world and the universe.



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