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Let's Be a Friend!

Abigail V. , 3rd grade  

 We can be buddies and make new friends with people. We can all do this if we see someone sitting alone that has no friends walk over to them and say do you want to play with me. Then introduce that person to your friends so they can meet twice the size of friends. People that do sit along side of the benches sometimes see others to that have no friends and have no one to talk to or play with. The same as themselves they can make new friends on their own  and find someone that they have a lot in common  that they will make the bestest of friends. That’s what are body bench is for so people don’t have to just walk around being lonely that way people now can sit on the body bench and other people can see who needs a friend to talk and play with. This makes people happy because they can make a new friend by just sitting on this important bench. If you know your one those people don’t be shy to go on that bench because you don’t think anyone will want to become your friend. There has to be a friend out there in this world and school for you. Don’t ever think your not cool or intelligent. You are smart, brave, and intelligent.



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