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School Uniforms for School Spirit

Abigail V. , 3rd grade  


I think we should have school uniforms because it could show are principal and other schools that we care about our school. When we show that we care about our school that means we respect our teachers and our principal. That would show other kids that are not in this school that the teachers and staff care and are generous like they already are. That could also show them that we are good kids that try our best and that get the uniforms by doing good deeds. Also it could show the parents that we are getting a good education by showing them the school raised money by showing are talents and smarts. Also we would get the money from a fundraiser and giving tickets out that costs money. We always learn these things from our intelligent, smart teachers. These uniforms the teachers can pick out. Also we could use school uniforms because (for example) if someone was to wear something by accident that was inappropriate for school. The school uniforms will be there and you won’t get in trouble for wearing something inappropriate in school.   That why and how school uniforms are useful helpful.



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