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Saving Endangered Animals

Natalie and Abigail , 3rd grade  


Animals all around the world need our help because their food source is running low.Also they are losing their habitat from people that are cutting down trees.Animals numbers have been going down because some people are not thinking before they do something like throw trash out the car window and animals eat that trash and die.We think that you should  help us because endangered animals need us.


Did you know there are thousands of animals begging for help?

Animals around the world are endangered which means they are losing their habitat and their food source is running low. They need our help for those reasons.

We need to do something about this terrible problem.

How can we help? We can donate some money to the animal hospital so they have the food,water,and medicine that they need to survive. They are being endangered by global warming.Due to global warming, ocean water is heating up, the fish that penguins eat are dying, and the melting ice is making life more difficult for the penguins. Help the animals!!!!!!!





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