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Jennifer G. , 3rd grade  


Do you think girls can play football?Why are girls not in national football? I play football at recess every Monday,Wednesday, and Friday.At first the boys were surprized when I told them, then they got scared because they don’t want to get tackeled by me.  Are you a girl, do you play football? I don’t play basketball anymore at recess because I want other people to have a chance to play basketball. Should girls be allowed to play football? What is your favorite sport? I think boys and girls are allowed to play whatever they want to do and what they are patchinnet about. Why do people think of girls of weak and wimpy about sports and fighting.

                     The boys treat me like boy when I want it. If a girl wants to play football and a boy wants to do jump rope I am totally cool with that and so should you too.I love football so much.



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