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Why We Need Animals

Leksa C. , 4th grade  


Some people ask why does the Earth need animals. Well let me tell you. Sometimes we need lions because there might be too many zebras or elks or anything else they eat if there is to many of them. But we need to keep the life cycle going and sometimes we have too much grass and we need elks and plant eaters to eat the grass. We need animals to eat bugs or else we will have too many bugs.  Then if the animals become extinct then we will have to many bugs or two much grass. Then meat eaters will die because they don’t have food. If we kill animals how will they help the soil? We need bears to eat fish or else we will just be eating fish and there will be too many fish. Sometimes we will have too many of something so the animals will eat them. If the grass gets too long and nobody cuts it then the plant eaters will take care of it. Without plants and animals, our lives would not be possible. Oxygen clean water and soil, and our earliest tools, food and clothing came from animals. So I hope you learned some fact and share them with your friends and family .For example we need bees not only for honey, they pollinate from flower to flower and that helps our flowers, fruits and vestibules.The bees can sense chemicals in the air and they make a certain kind of bussing. Worms help the soil and they help us solve our landfill problems. Butterfly’s help us with climate changes and help us shape our future. Bats help us keep the bug population in balance there guano helps the soil.There  are two deadly sickness that  single brown bat can eat up to a thousand mosquitoes in one hour!There guano helps plants grow.Flower eating bats help    Fish help the ocean when the fish excrement floats to the surface of the ocean and dissolves, it counters the carbon dioxide that creates acidity in the water so that is how they help the ocean. Birds help by  keep farmers in business. They protect our  drinking water by preventing erosion. They slow a spread of disease.They give inspiration.They also are like recyclers they put paper clips and string to build there nests.Ants help by cleaning the rain forests.Ants help the soil more than earthworms.They help food and plants grow.They transport seeds in a nest and it keeps them from harm.The plants can safely grow.Termites help us by cleaning the Earth's dead animals and plants.If they didn’t we would drown in filth.Frogs helpful by warning people to take action.They help insect control.Narwhals help scientists track global warming in the arctic. They are changing the water temperatures in Greenland's arctic. Some dogs help by finding hurt animals and plants that we need to help the Earth.Or sniff out chemicals that are bad for the Earth. There is another animal like a recycler the octopus. They use coconut shells and seashells and trash at the bottom of the ocean to make a home like the birds do. Rats help by sniffing bad things in the ground like the dog because they both have great noses. Sea lions , seals and elephant seals help by  changing the water temperature.The elephant seal helps by taking track  of the health in the U.S. populations.Theses two mules investigated areas.They might be making areas safer for humans and animals.For more information check out these websites or





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