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Service Dogs

Eileen G. , 4th grade  

 Sometimes you might see people in stores or on the streets with a dog

 that has a vest on. Well those are on the dog for a reason that is called a
service dog a service dog is a dog that helps people. Who are blind a blind
person has a dog that will guide the person in the right direction and they
will help so they can do things that they need help with. There is a dog that
helps cops too you probably seen them before but cops use the dog to sniff
bad things and find people. Like if there is a bad person that is doing
something that is bad the cops find something that smells like the person
they want to find. Then they let the dog sniff it and then the dog sniffs the
ground until he smells the scent that he smelt. Also there is a dog that
helps smell mold or very bad things for kids and families and if there is
something in a house that is bad the dog will find it and then the people
that work with the dog and chran them will take the bad things away and
out of the house. Also the things that are on the vest help the person that
they are helping and it is all things that the people need to help them. So
like if the person goes somewhere and they need papers to know that it is a
dog that helps people they put the papers in the vest and then if they have
to show the papers they can. There is also a dog that goes to hospitals and
let’s people pet it and also makes people feel better and makes them happy.
Also they say that the dog makes people not sick any more and also helps
them feel more happy than they ever were in there life and that to me is so
good. And it is just so good to hear that. Also it is just so good that we have
these animals to help people like that and it is very good that we have these
animals to help us out in life and not let people suffer with no one to help
them do life things like. Closing doors, getting the newspaper, getting
things at storis like food and dog toys and dog food. Like all of that stuff and
dogs can do some things that us humans can do so never ever under
estimate a dog not ever a service dog ether . Because, then you don’t like
service dogs and well some people don’t and some people do but you shoud
never ever not like a dog just because, they look ugly or their small and
mean they only do that stuff to make shore that there owners don’t get hurt
because, dogs love their owners no matter what they look like or no matter
how tall and old they are. All the dogs care about is keeping their owners
safe and they don’t get hurt that’s all the dogs care about and all that
matters is that the dogs are trying their hardest to keep their owners safe
and not in danger. So think about what these dogs do for people and all the
things they do to keep their owners safe and not in danger these dogs do
everything they can for their owners they would do anything they could for their
owners and help them get better and fell better and not sick and cold.



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