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Singers We "Heart"

Amanda C. and Amanda O. , 3rd grade  


There are lots of singers but there are a few that are popular and we like.We are going to be listing some singers and some of  there songs they sing.The first singer is Taylor swift. Taylor Swift is a very caring and educated song writer.Shesings to people that are sick and she writes songs and preforms in concerts for sick people to make them feel better.Some of her songs are  You Belong

With Me,Bad Blood,Are We Out Of The Woods,Shake It Off.Our next bsinger is a group of boy singers called 1 Direction.The talented singers are Louis Tomlinson,Harry Styles,Niall Horan,and Liam Payne.Your probbaly wondering why Harry Styles has such long hair.Well Harry Styles is very kind to grow out his hair to give to people in charity.some songs are called perfect,History,drag me down,that what makes you buitiful,steal my girl,best song ever.our next singer is Katy perry.some songs are teenage dream,Roar,hot and cold,the one that got away,I kissed a girl,fire work,calofrnia girl,wide awake,this is how we do,part of me,dark horse.heres some good things about carry perry,helps charity,and sings songs to children those are 3 singers we heart and i hope you learned a lot on our article.We hoped you enjoyed.



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