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How You Can Make Cooking and Baking Healthy

Jennifer G. , 3rd grade  


  • If you’re ever bored after a long jog the perfect food is a sweet, but wait you just lost a few calories. How can you make it both fit in? I’ll tell you how. Keep reading and I will tell you my secret.

  • If you’re baking cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cakes, macaroons and any other dessert that contains oil and replace it with applesauce.

  • For the cupcakes or cakes with something in it you can make it nonfat or sugar free icing or whatever you need.

  • For the icing you should make it sugar free but it would be ok to use nonfat icing. What I do is I use sugar free or an online recipe.  

  • The one thing I wish they had in my school is a cooking class because there is a lot of classes and my mom agrees with me, mostly because she does not feel like cooking every night.      



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