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How You Can Stop Bullying

Jennifer G. , 3rd grade  


Have you ever thought how many kids get bullied every day?

Sometimes bullying happens and you don’t even know it .People act like they didn’t do anything when they did some bad stuff. I think everyone can have a small part to help stop bullying.

You should never bully or tease. When you bully or tease someone it’s just going to lead to disaster.  Have you ever been in a situation when you were being bullied? Name calling every day is considered bullying.

I don’t think bullying is cool. If you ever see a kid getting bullied you should tell an adult or teacher. If you have anything to say about bullying always speak up. You can also just take the kid who is being bullied and say to the bully, “Ok, we’re leaving. Play with someone else!

My advice to all children is to never start bullying someone. It is just not right to do! I’ve been interviewing a few people and my friend Natalie and I asked her “ If you saw someone being bullied what would you say or do to the bully” she said “ I think you should make better choices and come back when you ’re not going to bully him or her “. Amanda said “ I have not seen anyone been bullied if she saw someone she would go get the nearest adult and tell them. I would do the same. And that is why do not bully, and how you can stop bullying.



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