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Far Cry Primal

Mathew M. , 6th grade  


Is a game where you are in 10,000 BCE. You are part of a tribe called Wenjia and your name Takkar. The game starts with you and your hunting party searching for a land called Oros. But you are the Beastmaster which means that  you can tame the dangerous animals like wolves and bears. You must lead the Wenjia against the Udams and the Izila.  And make the land of Oros safer for the Wenjia. And you must recruit many Wenjia that can teach you different skills. And you get a skill that allows you to ride a bear saber cat and a mammoth. Also there is a winter part that you could freeze to death. Without warm clothes which you get from someone whose name I don’t know. And when you recruit people then they need huts to live in.  



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