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U.G.L Pride


Super Bowl 50

Luke M. , 6th grade  


The game was a bit of a blowout. The Panthers just played a bad game. The Broncos won. It was 10-24 Broncos. It Was Peyton Manning’s last game. There were a lot of penalties on the Panthers. They got some good plays but the Broncos did better. I wish I could have seen Cam Newton do the dab. It is his celebration after a Touchdown

 The game was crazy. Interception after interception. The Panthers had a chance to save the game and they made the pass incomplete. It was fourth down and they nearly made it but it missed and it was a game changer. I think they got down on themselves. They were passing to each other and they worked as a team. Cam newton only ran it twice as in a regular season game he probably would’ve ran about 10-12 times. The Broncos had good teamwork too.

Peyton manning ran 3 times. The game was sick. The halftime show was crazy. They had Bruno mars and Beyonce. Overall Super Bowl 50 was crazy. I can’t wait to see Super Bowl 100. I will be 62. How old will you be?



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