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Healthy Food for Lunch

Amanda O. , 3rd grade  


I think food at lunch is not healthy for us. It has grease and grease is not good for you.  We should have healthy food at lunch instead of bad food. I think instead of pizza, pizza bits, and taco chip we should have fruit, salads, fruit salad, turkey burgers, and grilled chicken.  Just because you like this bad food does not mean it is good for you.  I now this bad food taste so so good but not good to have theme every day.  Please help me do these!

I interviewed two students, Mrs. Yacco, and Mrs. Archer about healthy foods and what they think we should serve in our cafeteria.

Mrs. Yacco, who cooks and serves the food said “We can serve baked fruit and vegetables.  We should serve foods with less fat and less sugar and whole grains.  Healthy and organic foods taste good.”

Jenny, a third grade student replied “We should serve fruit salads carrots veggies. We could serve Carrots with onyen dip.  We could serve fruit and salads.

Mrs. Archer my media teacher replied” We should have a salad bar. She thinks we should serve fresh food.



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