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U.G.L Pride


Adopt an Animal

Eileen G. , 4th grade  


Every new school year we the students at UGL adopt a new endangered animal!

To save their habitat and so no more of the animals disappear very quickly and so no more of the animals get hurt and die.

Also so no more people hurt the animal and the animal does not have to disappear quicker.


I asked Miss.Branigan, “How do you find the endangered animals?”

She said Student Council picks the top four and the one that has the most votes in the top four wins the hull voit.

“How do you count all the pieces of paper?” She said me Student Council and Miss.Magnotta count all of the pieces of paper.


“How do you pick what animal we adopt I really want to know how you do it?”

She said they pick the top four the one in the top four that had the most votes wins out of all the votes!




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